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    Did you know that, according to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, Americans own as many as 100 million cats and dogs, and that pet owners experience less stress, fewer health problems, and even live longer than their pet-free counterparts? It is is scientific fact; pets make us happier, and enrich our lives. The very […]

  • Pet Memorial Stones Help People Honor Their Departed Pets

    Pet Memorial Stones Help People Honor Their Departed Pets

    The average lifespan for cats is between 12 and 16 years. The right pet memorial markers are an excellent way to remember a cat that you owned and cared a great deal about during its lifetime. Choosing the right pet memorial stones may be an important element of the grieving cycle for your pet. Think […]

  • Stylish Pet Memorial Markers

    Stylish Pet Memorial Markers

    Some people are so close with their pets that they fall into the category of family members. Much like humans, there comes a time when these animals will parish and most will choose to either have them cremated or buried in a pet cemetery. Those that choose the latter should think about purchasing stylish pet […]