What to Expect From Your DOT Medical Examination – FATA Online

Physical examinations are required by the Department of Transport (DOT) for commercial vehicle drivers. Below, you can see what you can expect from the examination.

The DOT medical exam is carried out by a licensed examiner registered on the FMSCA National Registry.

DOT Medical Examination Process:
1. Drivers must present their identification and inform on the method of payment.
2. You will need to submit a questionnaire that details your current address and medications.
3. The medical examiner will inquire about questions such as if you smoke who has heart disease, lung conditions, and whether they use hearing aids or glasses.
4. Physical examinations are conducted. It is recorded the weight and blood pressure determined, and pulse assessed. Stethoscopes are used to inspect the heart as well as the lungs.
5. Examining the eyes, reflexes and peripheral vision and hearing.
6. To determine the health of the kidneys, a urine sample will be also taken.

Examiners will give a certificate when he or she is satisfied. The driver will need to be recertified after 2 years in the event of no medical problems.

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