Watch as a Tornado Barrels Through Town – Entertainment News Today

You will have to contend with some of the most formidable forces of nature. In a matter seconds they can tear apart structures. In this clip, you will see what happens when a storm is able to rip through the town in a straight line towards an unsuspecting onlooker.

The clip begins with a person driving their car toward a tornado across the road. Because the tornado’s surface is translucent, it’s hard to discern initially. If there’s not enough debris or rain to completely cover the tornado, this can occur. It can create a danger circumstance for people who are in the vicinity. The vehicle is getting closer to the terrifying tornado, it pulls toward the other side of the road. It then turns into a parking lot. It is now getting closer , and it is toppling structures and power lines. The tornado has not moved but it is not moving. That’s because it’s heading straight for the observer. The video concludes when the tornado hits the car. The tornado appears to have been a weaker storm as the debris then hits the vehicle. The vehicle remained straight and in its wheel.