The Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Insulation – How Old Is the Internet

Insulation is essential to keep your house warm during the cold winter months. After all, insulation is the stuff that helps keep walls in place as well as preserving the cool, warm air that you spend lots of money to fill the air in your home. Insulation comes in numerous styles, and it is possible to find numerous new ways of insulate the house which are introduced every year. Of the more innovative methods is the use of the use of spray-on insulation. It is getting increasingly popular over the traditional method of tape. What is the truth? Is spray foam insulation really as effective as fiberglass insulation? The video below will be able to shed light on the question through a comparison of both methods.

Spray foam insulation is one of the most popular options. It is particularly notable that it comes in two kinds that are open cell and closed cell. These two types of insulation are specifically designed to hold in moisture but let it go out into the air. Spray foam insulation is able to be applied so thin that you don’t think. In order to avoid the buildup of mold on your walls, you need to allow walls plenty of room to release water and not let it build up inside the wall itself.