Should You Use a Cat6 or a Cat6A Ethernet Cable? – InClue

vity. You cannot build a system without using a Cat6 and Cat6A cables. This article will assist you to select the right one in accordance with your needs. If you want a simple and secure internet connection for data and voice that is cat6, the cable is adequate. The cat6 cable is the most economical ethernet connection that can achieve 10 Gbps speeds that can reach the 165 feet. The cable is capable of transmitting 5Gbps that can reach 328 feet. Cat6A cables are smaller and transmit 10 Gbps across a distance of from 328 to 228 feet.

Both cables excel in applications. However, the Cat6 cable is more cost-effective. Both cables feature twits that make them stronger and resist crosstalk. Cat6a has added shielding in its structure, which makes it heavier. If you are not requiring more than 10 Gbps of data into your system, the Cat6 cable should meet your requirements adequately. The Cat6A is essential for hospitals, data centers, schoolsand other educational institutions for the automation system such as CCTV access control, and different PoE programs.