Keep Your Dog Happy with Homemade Treats

Easy dog treats

Can you imagine trying to feed a tiny dog those giant dog treats you can buy in stores? Even the treats made for small dogs would be a problem for the record setting, 4 oz. Yorkshire Terrier who was barely bigger than a matchbox. But what if you knew how to make dog treats of your own? What if there was a mix you and your family could use to make dog treats right at home. You could make them as large or small as your furry, four legged family member needed.

Now you can. Every package of this already made mix comes with instructions on how to make dog treats in your own kitchen. And for the nearly 30 percent of pet owners who take their pets to see Santa or the Easter Bunny, there are even special season dog treat mixes.

Ninety per cent of people who own pets say they think of their pet as family. I know I do. So it is important to take care of those pets the way you would take care of the humans in your family. Not only do these easy dog treats contain no additives and no artificial preservatives, there are also wheat and gluten free recipes and customizable flavors options. With these directions on how to make dog treats in your own home, you are not only saving a trip to the store, you are showing your dog the care and affection any family member deserves.

By knowing how to make dog treats at home, you can do a favor for that pup whose framed picture almost a third of you dog owners have in your home. Eight out of ten dog and cat owners believe that their animals can pick up the moods of their owners. With this mix that shows you how to make dog treats at home, you won’t have to guess if your dog is happy, you’ll know.

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