Is the Most Contagious Dog Disease Lurking at Your Kennel?

Veterinarian reviews

The summer is not over, and there are still family trips on the horizon for many, but sometimes that means the pets are headed to the kennel. Veterinarian reviews show, again and again, that kennel cough can be a major factor in your dogs health over the summer. Know what to look for when your dog comes home from their vacation.

Kennel cough, or Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease, is an extremely contagious upper respiratory disease that dogs can pick up through airborne transfer. Yes, the kennel or doggie daycare probably requires proof of vaccination for your pooch, but that does not insure that dogs will not develop kennel cough.

The first sign something is bothering them may be a dry, hacking cough that does not seem to be productive or to clear mucus. They can also show a decreased appetite, a low fever, less energy, watery eyes and a drippy nose. Watch for symptoms developing two to three days after their initial exposure.

You do not have to worry about kennel cough affecting people, but it can be found at dog parks or any other location where dogs may come into close contact with other dogs. While kennels can sanitize surfaces to remove saliva or other contagions, the airborne transfer can be hard to avoid in your daily walks or outings when other dogs are present.

Review vets care guidelines if you believe your pet has developed kennel cough. It typically is treated with antibiotics for the bacterial infection, and a cough suppressant may be given to relieve the coughing. Untreated, the symptoms may last for 10 to 20 days, but then pets are susceptible to reinfection after strenuous exercise or activity.

As with any veterinarian reviews and check ups, bring up any suspected issues you may have and follow their guidelines for vaccinations. To be proactive, you should let your vet know about your pets daily schedule and interactions with other animals to minimize areas with a higher chance of infection.