How to Locate an Annandale Veterinarian Who Specializes in Avian Health

Locating an Annandale Veterinarian, who specializes in avian health can be difficult. There are several local Annandale veterinarians but they all do not treat birds. Veterinarians receive their certifications by attending specialized veterinarian schools and taking courses in the treatment of diseases that affect canines and felines. However, most do not take the elective courses for treating birds. Only a few that are specifically interested in avian medicine choose to take these courses.

Birds have complete anatomy, physiology differences from cats, and dogs, therefore, suffer from illnesses not found in canine and felines. There are veterinary clinics that include avian health and have veterinarians that have the training and expertise needed to treat birds. Finding a qualified Annandale Veterinarian that specializes in bird medicine is critical to the health of your avian friend. Most states have avian organizations. Locating a bird organization can help in gathering references to an Annandale veterinarian who specializes in bird health.

There are organizations that contain lists of specialized veterinarians and show their certifications. One of the organizations is the ABVP, which is The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. This organization is the accrediting organization that certifies veterinary specialists. There are nine specialties included in the group, and avian practice is one of them. Looking through this list to find an Annandale veterinarian that specializes in avian medicine is one way to locate a qualified vet. The site is easy to use by filling in the category such as avian, plus the city and state in the search field. Veterinarians must have completed a residency program for two years, have experience in bird medicine for six years and passed a detailed written examination.

An additional way to find Annandale veterinarians that are interested in bird medicine is looking at The Association of Avian Veterinarians, AAV for short, which has a search tool for locating avian veterinarians or those veterinarians interested in avian medicine. Entering your city, state, and zip code brings up all Annandale veterinarians that are avian veterinarians, which are members of the association.

Using these sources will help in the search for a qualified Annandale veterinarian who treats birds. Once you have located a veterinary clinic, you should set up an appointment so that you can observe how the veterinarian and staff handle your bird. Finding a qualified avian veterinarian may take some effort, but it is well worth it to have a compassionate, trustworthy and qualified avian veterinarian.