How Does a Septic System Work? – Work Flow Management

There isn’t much to are thinking about when it comes to our septic systems. Most of us take it for taking it for granted. It is complex, but it serves a crucial function. Without a septic system we would not have nearly enough of a way for safely disposing of waste. In this video, we will discuss the engineering and systems for a septic tank.

A septic system is composed of two separate compartments. In the first, everything is stored. Solids can sink or flounder up to the highest point. In the middle, dirty water drains to another tank. The second tank is linked to a pump filter which removes water from that tank approximately every 20 minutes. The water is then sent to the treatment pod, where it’s cleaned. It drips down onto a layer that contains bacteria. These bacteria are crucial because they convert ammonia in the water into nitrogen. The water continues to run down to the bottom of the pod where it is carried into the sand filter. Sand filter is then able to disperse this water with safety into ground where the water reengages with the cycle of water.