Homemade Healthy Treats for Your Pooch

Homemade dog treats

Pets are an important and rewarding part of our daily lives. As such, we want them to live a long, healthy, and happy life. How we spend our money attests to this commitment; according to the American Pets Product Association, Americans spent more than $50 billion U.S. dollars on their pets in 2011. Sixty five percent of that whopping figure was spent on pet food and pet health care alone.

As is the case with human food, sometimes the best and healthiest options are those we make ourselves. Homemade dog treats and homemade dog biscuits are a delightful and easy way to provide your dog with yummy and healthy treats. When searching for easy to make homemade dog treats, the internet has a slew of recipes to peruse. Keep in mind that similar to human food, homemade dog treats should be healthy and have ingredients that are tasty for pooches. Be very cautious about fillers, additives, and preservatives; they are not healthy for you nor you pup.

Is your dog a finicky eater? Do they prefer sweet or savory snacks? Regardless of the palate and preference of your pooch, with just a few ingredients, homemade dog treats can be made to taste. Just a few examples of homemade dog treats include frozen peanut butter balls, pumpkin, and apple snacks. Even leftover dog food can be transformed into homemade dog treats. Give these online recipes a try, and your dog will be drooling in no time!