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The basement can be a good example of a part of your house. If your basement is inundated it could have the water that is still there. Standing water can cause you to be exposed to bacteria as well as electrocution. Instead of looking for the damage up close take a step back, unlock your basement and take a few pictures without walking through the basement.

Examine as many areas of your property as you can keeping an eye out for broken glass. If you find broken windows, make sure you cover them with a sheet of plywood until they can be repaired by home storm restoration professionals. This will help to prevent further damages to your home.

Inform Your Insurance Company Immediately

You should first contact your insurance provider before you contact the local roofing company or water damage repair services. If you hire professionals without speaking with your insurance provider prior to hiring them, they might refuse to take care of the damage. A representative appointed by your insurance company will guide you through the claims procedure.

The claimant will be able upload any photos you’ve captured of the damage once you file your claim. This will speed up the process. If the damage is severe and extensive, the insurance company may assign an adjuster for the claim to look at the extent of the damage on your own. An emergency contact list for your local assistance may be given to you.

Insurance claims can sometimes take some time to get processed. It is recommended to call your insurance provider immediately in order to speed up this process. Take note of all expenses which you have to cover that fall beyond the limits of your insurance claim. For instance, hotels or repair expenses. The possibility is that you could claim reimbursement for some of these expenses in the future.

Make sure you take steps to prevent further Loss

Your insurance policy can only protect damage that is caused by storms You should also take extra steps to avoid any further damage.