Heres What You Need to Know About Golf Cart Safety – Source and Resource

Cart — that’s understandable! They are a convenient and fun staple of the golfing experience. It is, however, important to take care when driving or riding in the cart. This is not a fun thing to do and can cause people to be injured if they aren’t doing it properly.

The most important thing to do to keep you safe is to check the pressure of the Golf cart’s tire. A flat tire isn’t something you’d want to experience. As you get out of the cart, ensure that the brake is set. Press the brake all the way.

While it may seem like common sense to some but it is important to remember: Don’t overfill a golf cart’s passenger limit. The risk of injury increases with more passengers or heavier than allowed. Also, make sure you keep your golf cart only at the appropriate areas. Make sure you don’t drive it across the place you’re using the cart on.

The sport of golf can cause people to feel good, and moods can become euphoric. It is important to avoid golf at a speed that the cart moves. For more details, be sure to take a look at this instructional video! r93nqvo1vq.