Do You Have a Legal Defense for Self Defense? – Dan Park Law Group

e law allows for self defense. In what circumstances is self-defense legal? A comprehensive answer to this question could be quite lengthy; however the video below is an excellent guide for understanding the circumstances in which a legal defense for self-defense might be possible.

Self defense can be used to defend yourself in case of physical altercation. A person’s right to defend themselves and others with reasonably force is considered self defense. When facing an imminent physical attack, it is possible to use the necessary amount of force to repel the attacker. If there is a risk immediate of being injured or dying.

There are some factors that need to be considered in order for self-defense to qualify as a legal defense. A person must show that they were faced with an imminent threat and used the minimum force available to protect themselves. This is the only way to allow self defense to be legal in any situation.