Do This Before Calling for AC Services – NC Pool Supply

for in case to be prepared in case your AC is down and you contact a professional for AC service. Before calling for AC service each homeowner must take the time to watch the instructional video.

It’s scary when your AC shuts down , however, this instructional video will walk you through some very simple steps you can follow to help troubleshoot the AC. The first thing to perform if your unit completely shuts off is to check the breakers. You may also have some switches located close to your handler which has inadvertently switched off. You ought to also look at.

For a check of your filter, make sure they are blocked. In some cases, the issue could lie in your thermostat. In order to check whether your thermostat isn’t operating, turn it on. Examine your thermostat to be sure it’s not turning dark. It is possible to contact an AC services technician if you’ve tried every one of the above troubleshooting techniques and you still haven’t found a solution. Go through the video right now and learn how to troubleshoot to help you get your AC unit back up and running.