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Assistance Representative” describes how to start your career in the world of roadside assistance services and all it is possible to do. Learn more!
If you’re able to work up to 25 hours per week while at in your own home, then this is the career path for you. In the end, it’s a great side hustle where you’ll make some money each month. Roadside assistance providers receive endless requests from all across the world and Canada concerned about shipping and moving their things.
As your assistant, you’ll receive every kind of phone call but most of the time the calls will relate to broken batteries or flat tires. It’s because customers are overloaded. They are moving houses and wish to finish their work and not leave anything behind. It’s possible that they forget to switch the radio off, or look at something and can’t move unless you help. In other instances, they could lose their keys and your job is to assist them with finding some kind of solution wherever they are.
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