A well-designed vets website

What draws people to a vets website? The first and most common inspiration for visitors to go to a vets website is their contact information and location. They heard about the vet and want to see where they are located relative to home, or want to give them a call to make an appointment, so they visit the vets website to get this information quickly and easily at one location. This is not why everyone will check out a vets website, as others might happen across it searching for area vets and having no idea which to take their pet to. They might want pictures of the facility, both inside and out, and a vets website will typically have photographs of the hospital and even of the people who work there. More important that what a hospital looks like, the medical staff is the main draw that will bring anyone to a veterinary hospital. People who are at a vets website will be looking for information on the doctor. Where did they go to school, why did they choose to become a vet? By reading information on someone, people feel more of a connection and think they are better able to assess the personality and capabilities of the individual doctor.

Whether that comes to fruition or not is irrelevant; what matters most is that the vets website was able to provide all the information the customer needed in order to make an educated decision as to which doctor to take their pet to. A well designed vets website can cover all the bases that are necessary to provide people the impression that the knew the doctor, making them feel more comfortable, and will still give all the basic information needed, such as phone number and location. A well rounded vets website is an excellent way to draw in new customers.