10 Ways Bugs and Rodents Can Damage Your Roof – Bug and Rodent Control Newsletter

Install moist, cardboard traps close to the termite colonies to draw famished termites to their eventual demise and destruction.
2. Squirrels are able to tear off your Shingles

Squirrels love climbing. They are able to leap off close trees to reach the roof. They’re among the peskiest rodents and may damage your roof in the event of an the invasion. They can cause issue both inside and outside of your property, in particular if they can chew through your roofing or nest in your home.

Squirrels ‘ sharp teeth can tear your roof shingles and wreck havoc on your roof. They may require repairs. They may eat through your shingles, leading to moisture damage. The shingles could be destroyed by rodents and other bugs as well as the damage caused initially by squirrels.

Roof shingles can be susceptible to moisture damage due to squirrels eating away at them. They also can nest in the attic, and begin to reproduce if they cause damages to the roof shingles. They can cause damage to insulation and destroy any items that are stored in your attic if they’re not detected.

Damage caused by squirts can be identified and repaired by your local roofing contractors. Roofers in the area can detect chewed up electrical cables and keep sparks from starting to ignite.

The squirrels may enter homes through a damaged gutter system. If these issues aren’t addressed in a timely manner, damage to downspout may lead to an infestation. The damaged fascia boards as well as eaves troughs and wooden beams indicate problems with the roofline resulted from squirrel infestation.

3. Roof Rats can burrow into the attic

Roof rats can damage your attics and roofs. Repairs to roofs are necessary for roofs that have been affected by rats on the roof. Rats are great climbers, and usually nest within trees, walls, and even attics. They can also be found in small spaces under concrete slabs, walkways or tree roots. It occurs only when the weather is hot and dry. They are able to gain access to attics, and can also access attics.